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Pre-Pasted Paper

The term pre-pasted wallpaper means that the wallpaper already has the adhesive applied to its back. This does not mean that it is the backing, just that an additional layer has been added to to the backing to simplify the application process.

The easiest way to describe the paste is to compare it to stamps. While it is a very different kind of paste, it is the same concept. The paste is applied to the back of the wallpaper and dries before the wallpaper is added to the roll. With the addition of moisture, you can hang it on the wall. Our expert technicians apply water along the full strip to ensure that the paper holds to the wall.

Pre-pasted wallpaper is made so that you don't need any additional glue. But there are some people who still do not believe the glue on the back is adequate and want to add their own. You can apply additional paste to the back if you want to. If you do add more paste, you need to use something that is very thin so that you do not douse the wallpaper with too much moisture, just like you should not use too much water to moisten a stamp. Over moistening the wallpaper will have the same effect as missing sections of a strip – it will not properly hold on the wall. It will begin to separate from the wall earlier, or it may not properly hold in the first place.

While the pre-paste will make it easier to hang the wallpaper, you will still need to be careful when you hang it. Not only do you have to be careful about the amount of water or paste additive you apply to the back, you have to make sure to go over the paper carefully to keep it from wrinkling or bumping.

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